Community Council

Welcome to our school Community Council page!

The purpose of the Community Council is to involve parents in decision making at the school level.  Elected parents represent the parents of the school and participate in developing plans for improving the school, make decisions on how to best expend School LAND Trust Program monies, and increase public awareness of school trust lands and related policies.


Community Council Members 2022-23

Name School Position Phone Election Year
Malia Roundy Community Chairperson 801.513.5800 FY2023
Terrie Tenney KJH Office Non-Voting  Member  801.402.7200  
Justin Atwater Community Board Member 801.673.7284 FY2022
Sara Lundberg Community Board Member 435.840.8977 FY2023
Emily Arrington Community Board Member 801.451.6255 FY2022
Jenni Coyle KJH Board Member 801.402.7200  
Jennifer Matthews Community Board Member  801.645.5157 FY2022
Kevin Gibson Community Board Member 801.599.5196 FY2022
Jessica Payne Community Board Member 801.750.6527 FY2023
Luke Atkinson Student Officer Non-Voting Member   801.402.7200  
Brett Sims  KJH KJH Principal 801.402.7200  
Kent Brown KJH Counseling Board Member School 801.402.7200  
Jennifer Hughs PTSA Pres Community 801.209.7665  
Marcie Pierson PTSA Pres Community 801.540.3756