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School Registration

Dear Parents of KJH Students,

Please follow the steps below to complete the registration process for the 2018-19 school year.

It’s already that time of year again!  Registration for Kaysville Junior High opens on July 13 – August 1.  Please become familiar with my.dsd. 

Step 1.   Access your Guardian Account

Registration fees may be paid from your Guardian Account in mydsd, or  in the main office of KJH.   To log in or to set a myDSD acct, please click  myDSD Login.  If you have problems with your Guardian Account, please call Information Services at the call center, 801-402-5600.
Unlike in previous years, you will now re required to pay registration fees three times during the year as follows:
Due by August 1 - All Required fees.
Second Week of 1st Semester - First Semester Class fees will be invoiced to you, based on your student's schedule.
Second Week of 2nd Semester - Second Semester Class fees will be invoiced to you, based on your student's schedule.

 You can pay all fees on my.dsd, by following this path after logging in as the guardian on myDSD.

If you do not have a Guardian Account, please complete the simple process by clicking on "Request a Guardian Account" option.

Step 2.    Pay Fees:

1-      Be sure to select the correct student, if you have more than one.

a.       Click on “Payments” (set up an online banking account first, to avoid the credit card fee)

b.       Select Pay for fees/Lunch.  Select “fees/fines owed” tab.

c.       Select each item in the list and put it in the shopping cart, (fees are based on your student’s schedule, so each fee needs to be paid).  If you change your schedule, let the office know and we will happily refund any money for classes no longer on your student’s schedule.

d.       Please remember that Yearbook is an optional fee.  You will need to go to optional fees and add it to your cart.  PTSA and PE Clothes are also optional fees to be add to your cart before payments.

e.       Now, make the payment, if you set up your bank acct info, you will not be charged a credit card fee.  You do not need to bring anything to the office, we have access to all the receipt information

Remember DIFFERENT this year:
There are three times throughout the school year when you will need to pay fees.....

         1.  District required registration fees are due August 1st.
         2. First Semester Class fees are due at the beginning of September.
         3. Second Semester Class Fees are due at the beginning of February.  


If you need to request a Fee Waiver, Please Complete a Fee Waiver Application Form. Return the completed form (WITH DOCUMENTATION) to the KJH Office.

Free/Reduced Lunch 
Please Apply on-line. See Step 5 below for more information regarding Nutrition Services.

Step 3.  Required Forms to be signed Electronically on MY.DSD

Signature Page (Review and Sign on My.DSD)

Technology Resources Acceptable Use Agreement (AUA) -- Please complete the AUA on-line to ensure that your student can use computers at school.  (Go to My Dsd for instructions to access this form online).

Locker Use Agreement Form. 8th & 9th grade (All 7th graders signed this agreement during spring registration). MY.DSD.

Demographic Form/Information Card -- The demographic form will be given to your student the first day of English class.  Please update all information on the card and return it by August 24.

Immunization Form-- Seventh grade and new students only.  EVERY student must have a current and complete immunization record on file to attend School. Please bring documentation to the KJH Main office before school starts. Click the link below to see the requirements.

Student's Schedule-- Schedules (including locker number and combination) are available August 10 online through your My.DSD Guardian Account.  You will need to pay district required fees to see the schedule online. The schedules can be accessed by clicking on the "Academics" tab and select "Schedule" after Aug 10th.

All Schedule Changes are done through the Counseling Office on August 13, 14, 15, and 17 by appointment.  A $10.00 Charge will be assessed for schedule changes each semester.. Appointment Scheduler will be available after Aug 10th. on My.DSD.

Step 4. Read the Student Handbook

Please be sure your child is familiar with, and complies with the policies outlined in the Student Handbook. Signature Page is on MY.DSD Guardian for parents. and My.DSD Student login for Students. Both Parent and Student must sign all signature and agreement pages, (listed above and available on mydsd). At the top of the page in mydsd, is will say: "you have items that need your attention".

Step 5. Nutrition Services News

Payment for school lunch is done on-line. Please make sure your students have funds in their accounds to cover lunch costs. 

Click here for more Nutrition Services Information. (detailed instructions to apply for free or reduced meals.)

 Detailed instruction to apply for free or reduced price school meals on above link.

Step 6   PTSA Information

Join PTSA as a parent, student, or staff member.  The fee is $6.00.   Payment for PTSA may be made on-line through My DSD under "Optional Fees".   A $20.00 donation may be made and is encouraged also on-line at My DSD Optional Fees.

Step 7 Student Accident insurance

Davis School District has selected the Student Insurance Plan from K&K Insurance to make reliable coverage available to parents. Coverage may be purchased at any time during the school year by visiting http://www.studentinsurance-kk.com